Food&Success Logotype

About the project

Food & Success – is a company that helps restaurateurs, managers and chefs to learn from the world gurus in the field of gastronomy. Julia Chesnokova – is a professional organizer of interesting events, workshops, master classes with the participation of famous chefs and restaurateurs. The task was to upgrade the old logo, make it modern, recognizable, conceptual and adaptive. Also, it was requested to save the structure of the old logo and colors (red and black). But it was possible to offer other concepts and ideas.

Old logo Food&Success
The favorite one



The idea is a monogram

After several hours of work, we got a good version of the sign, which combines all 3 symbols: F, &, S.


As David Airy wrote in his book “Logo and Corporate Identity,” the logo should have one element that people will pay attention to, which they will remember and which will become a hallmark of the brand name.

In our case, the monogram from the initials of the project name became that element.

And in this way, we created a great, modern logo, which, will serve well to its owner, help to develop business and become a distinctive feature of Food & Success